Best Wicked Movies

The following link brings you to an movie list of the best suspenceful and funny movies so far, in my opinion (covers genres Thriller/Drama/Horror/Crime/Science Fiction/Action/Comedy) – random order, not sorted. These are all my favorite movies, most of them I saw in my childhood (I’m 1979) and again with adult eyes, which makes often a difference, but still, they are unbeatable.

I’m impressed by and appreciate movies who work without much bing bang boom and tricks (although I love visual effects), who have a believable story, who suck you into the story, that you completely forget where you sit and what you hold in your hands. And I have to say, I’m not a big comedy fan, if the film exaggerates too much, I likely don’t like it but if it’s situational comedy, I adore it. And well, romantic movies, I don’t know one I like. Maybe there are some, but then they are mixed up with another genre and it tends to be drama or comedy. So let me know if you know a romantic/love story movie where I might not fall asleep :).

What are your favorite movies? Any recommendation welcome!


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