Movie Review: INSIDIOUS *****

With Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson this movie had some great actors obliged for an interesting story: there are people who can leave their bodies when dreaming… but don’t go too far! While watching, it reminded me a bit on Stephen King’s Novel LOVE where the protagonist could “drop” into another world and was lost when staying too long, when it’s getting dark on the other side, so this was a special ability with troubles attached.

— Don’t read further if you haven’t seen the movie yet. —

Weak is how the movie Incidious shows this out-ofbody experience (OBE or OOBE called) and the evocation to get the kid back. Nowadays with FX possibilities, I do expect more from a movie that is well funded. Paranormal Activity (from the same makers) also worked with the Poltergeist aspect of not having special effects too, which I think is ok for an independent movie, if you don’t have the connections, nor the time, nor the money, but not for a movie with those advantages.

But all in all, it was a great frightening movie and I would definitely watch it again on DVD.


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